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We at Caabil are working to provide quality education for all competitive exams in India.

We at Caabil aim to produce the most advance and comprehensive content tests. Each subject is divided into various chapter and topics to assist the child to identify their weak area and make them specialized in it. Our Artificial Intelligence based algorithm offers you unmatched analytics to assist you and understand your strong areas, Time Management and areas which are needed to improve. Our Notes on every topic can assist you to quickly revise the subject in addition with Short Tricks for the exams.

Our aim is to assist student to realize their potential and stand out in his/her field choosing the proper course is simply the primary step of the unending path of education.To urge into once dream College or Job simply knowing the topic leads you to nowhere. To excel on needs lots of practice and positive feed forward to gain overall improvement.

What We Do

Our areas of expertise

Test Preparation

Online test series and study material for all entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advance, NEET, CLAT, DU, BHU, etc.


AI powered deep analysis to every data point are provided. Each and every attempt is analysed to understand the strength and weakness of student.


We are available 24*7 to help you with your doubts and complaints to achieve your goals. We provide you with tailor made study plan & time to time group and manual counseling.


We consistently strive harder to innovate for building a smarter world. We are constantly developing AI based technology to ease the learning process.

Our Story

It all started with a train journey. It was summer season but exam season for students. A group of student was there discussing about JEE and which engineering college to take admission. Out of my curiosity I intervened their conversation and ask them "are you guys an IIT aspirants" they nodded YES. Asking about their exam they replied this was the first time the exam was conducted online and many of them faced difficulties in giving exam in front of computer. They can't concentrate in front of computer as much as they do in paper based test. I asked them why don't you give mock test online there are many options available like Al**n, F**TJEE etc. They said they know but their price are very high and they can't afford it.

A question came in my mind " Even though the practice so much on paper why they can't concentrate in front of computer"?

The answer is that Mind work in mysterious ways. If our brain is used to something it's hard to change the perception of it. Like when someone says bricks most people will get a picture of a wall made of brick or large no of brick piled up at some place. Only a few will form a picture of 5-6 bricks stacked to form stumps for cricket match. It all depends on how much we are used to something. Similarly if you don't practice any online mock test a major chance is that you will not perform as good as you perform in pen-paper based test. Because your brain is trained to pen and paper based test. Your mind view computer and mobile devices for entertainment purposes and a part of brain start thinking about Facebook YouTube Instagram Movies etc in exam hall when you sit in front of computer. You have to train your brain to use computer as study medium and it can only be done by practicing more and more on computer.

This is the inspiration that leads the foundation of CAABIL EDUTECH. We are here to provide a quality learning platform to a price that every student can afford. All students should be able to practice test so that they can achieve their dreams.

"Practice Karo, Caabil Bano, Success Jhakh Mar Ke Ayegi."


Our leadership team brings together expertise across product, adviser, design, engineering, sales, and marketing
from colleges including IIT Mumbai, Nit Hamirpur, CNLU, and UIET Chandigarh.

Priyank Prateek

IIT Bombay

Pankaj Jindal

NIT Hamirpur

Kumar Vikramjit

Ex- Government Officer

Govind Kumar Sah

UIET Chandigarh

Our Clients

We aim at becoming the trusted partners for our esteemed clients in achieving positive business transformations, effectiveness in decision making, efficiency in business activities safety and higher business growth.